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Advantages of boxing

Stress release







“If you want something that you´ve never had, You´ll have to do something you´ve never done before.” – Anonymous

During boxing training, you have to use your mind as well. You can take up boxing at any age. 

  • Boxing will enhance your stamina and improve the work level of the cardiovascular system.
  • The coordination of your body will improve.
  • Your movements will be faster.
  • The punches of yours will be harder and more precise.
  • Regular boxing training will develop your self-control, confidence, and courage.
  • You will also learn how to protect yourself.

Boxing is not just a full contact fight. That is only at completion level. 

If you are looking for a personal box trainer in Budapest and would like to practise boxing in any level, call or send an e-mail!

About the

References of Zoltán Szalma

“Mr. Zoltan Szalma of Hungary worked as Referee & Judge Evaluator at the recent ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates which was a strong success this month. As one of the ITOs of the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships he analysed the progress of the competition.

Mr. Zoltan Szalma began his boxing career at the age of 10 and had altogether 200 national and international bouts. During his career as a boxer he claimed five national titles and competed in an AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships. As a Referee & Judge he worked in top World, European, African and Commonwealth events and also supported the World Series of Boxing.

He studied in the Sport University of Budapest and received master degree as boxing coach as well.”

AIBA ( International Boxing Association )


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